Rosin Powder

Some applications of rosin require the use of rosin in the form of powder or dust. Such applications usually intend to improve grip, increase friction or prevent slipping. There are two quite different types of rosin powder available for such applications.

  1. Powdered natural gum rosin (CAS No: 8050-09-7) or a blend of it
  2. Synthetic rosin powder (CAS No: 63449-39-8)

These two products are completely different in terms of their chemistry and molecular structure. They only share some physical properties such as grip improvement. Both natural and synthetic rosin are common ingredients of many adhesives.

Natural Rosin Powder

Natural gum rosin can be ground to powder in cold temperatures; however, the powder particles may soon stick to each other and form a solid chunk again. To avoid this problem, some anti-caking powder may be added to natural rosin powder. The most widely used blend of natural rosin powder contains about 20% Magnesium Carbonate. Other blends may include calcium carbonate, kaolin, talcum powder, and fumed silica.  


The natural rosin powder with product code ROSINP contains about 10 to 20 percent magnesium carbonate (USP grade) as anti-caking agent. The Material Safety Datasheet of Powdered Natural Pine Rosin is available in PDF format. Please review the MSDS before use.

The natural rosin powder blended with about 20% Calcium Carbonate has the product code ROSINPCA. Both ROSINP and ROSINPCA are usually available for immediate shipping. Rosin powder blends with other minerals such as Talcum Powder, Kaolin, or Fumed Silica are produced as requested. Lead time is usually 1 to 4 weeks. 

Natural rosin powder is also available in 100% pure form with product code ROSINP100. Pure rosin powder is produced and stored in controlled temperature environment. Additional attention is made in packaging to reduce the risk of solidification by compaction. Heat and pressure can easily solidify the pure rosin powder.

The Material Safety Datasheet of Powdered Natural Pine Rosin is available in PDF format. Please review the MSDS before use.

Synthetic Rosin Powder

Synthetic rosin powder (SKU=MPROSIN) is a chlorinated paraffin wax. It melts like natural gum rosin and solidifies in the form of clear amber chunks. Chlorinated waxes are believed to be carcinogen and are subject to use restrictions. Read more …


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