Rosin FAQ

What is Scalding Rosin?

Scalding Rosin is powdered natural rosin used in pig scalding process. Sprinkle the powdered rosin over the hair before pulling the hair our by scrapers. Rosin gives a good grip to the hair so that it can be removed easily. Both the Chinese rosin and Brazilian rosin can be used as the scalding rosin; however, you must grind them as good as you can before use. Adding some hydrated lime to the scalding water also helps to loosen the hair and make it easy to remove. For best results the lime is added to the scalding water from the beginning, but the powdered rosin is sprinkled over the skin before scraping.

Learn more about pig scalding (hog scalding).

What is the solvent for rosin?

Rosin dissolves in high purity alcohols. Methanol or methyl alcohol (wood alcohol) is a commonly used solvent for rosin. If the solvent contains water, it does not easily dissolve rosin. For example rosin does not easily dissolve in 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).

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Where to Buy Rosin?

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