About Rosin Factory

Rosin Factory (A division of Chemical Store Inc.) is a producer of rosin derivatives and rosin base products. We use natural, purified and dried pine resin to produce rosin powder blends, rosin bags and modified rosin blocks for different applications.

We do custom manufacturing and private labeling of rosin bags, rosin blocks and rosin solutions for varieties of sports, arts and industrial applications. Let us know what are your needs and we produce it for you according to your specifications. We offer woven and non-woven fabric for rosin bags and for the purpose of private labeling, we can print directly on the rosin bags or use printed labels, printed poly-bags or printed boxes.

Rosin powder jar and bags

Where to Buy Rosin?

Our rosin products are available for sale at www.ChemicalStore.com. For large orders please call in advance and verify the availability, wholesale discounts and shipping options. If you cannot find any product in the online store of your choice, please use the search option of the store or call (973) 405-6248 for further assistance.

All orders will be shipped from our warehouses in the United States (USA). We ship worldwide (Only wholesale quantities) to most countries including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, France, Netherlands, and many other countries. International buyers must have experience in importing, be familiar with all import regulations, and have a valid tax id.